What are the common certification marks of cables


As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Paidu PV cables. CCC certification: mandatory certification, is the passport to enter the domestic market.

CB certification: to facilitate the export of electrical products directly related to personal safety for use in homes, offices, workshops and similar places, such products in some countries

The implementation of mandatory certification, that is, after obtaining the certification certificate of the country, it is allowed to export to the country and sell in the country's market. Even in countries where certification is not mandatory

For their own safety, consumers are willing to buy certified products with certification marks.

CE certification: It is a pass for products to enter the market of the EU and European Free Trade Zone countries. Products certified and bearing the CE mark will reduce the number of products sold on the European market


1) The risk of being detained and investigated by the customs;

2) The risk of being investigated and punished by the market supervision authority;

3) Risk of accusations by peers for competitive purposes.

UL Certification: In the US market, consumers and buyers are more willing to buy products with the UL certification mark.

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