Aluminum Core Power Cable
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Aluminum Core Power Cable

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Paidu Aluminum Core Power Cable. We look forward to cooperating with you. Solar panel wire is a type of electrical cable used to connect solar panels to charge controllers, inverters, or batteries in photovoltaic systems. This wire is designed to handle direct current (DC) voltage and current produced by solar panels.

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Product Description

High quality Aluminum Core Power Cable is offered by China manufacturer Paidu. Solar panel wires are typically made of tinned copper conductors that are stranded for added flexibility. The wire insulation is made of materials specifically designed to withstand UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and harsh outdoor environments.

Wires used in solar systems come in a variety of sizes depending on the current and voltage capacity of the solar panels. The most common sizes used for residential applications are 10AWG, 12AWG, and 14AWG.

The solar panel wires are usually sold on reels and pre-cut lengths in colors like red and black that indicate positive and negative polarity respectively. This makes it easier to connect them correctly and prevent a reversal of polarity, which can damage or decrease the efficiency of a solar power system.

Overall, solar panel wire is an essential component of solar power systems, ensuring reliable and efficient transfer of electricity between solar panels and other system components.

Solar Panel Cable for Extreme Conditions: Solar Panel Cable is designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 248 °F (-40 °C to 120 °C), making it suitable for challenging environments. Solar Panel Cable offers excellent moisture resistance and chemical resistance. The rated voltage is 1500V.

【PREMIUM PVC MATERIAL】: Aluminum Core Power Cable features a PVC sheath/insulation material that provides protection against wear and chemical corrosion. It is windproof, moisture-proof, and UV resistant. Solar Panel Cable is designed with multiple resistances and an insulation protection layer to minimize the risk of electric shock.

【SOLAR PANEL WIRE】: Each cable consists of 78 strands of 0.295mm tinned copper wire. The use of tin-plated copper ensures durability and flexibility, resulting in lower resistance and higher conductivity compared to aluminum materials. Solar Panel Cable can be safely used in various environments to ensure circuit safety.

【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】: Aluminum Core Power Cable are widely used for wiring various low-voltage electronic devices, including solar panels, DC circuits, ships, automobiles, RVs, LEDs, and inverter wiring.

【FLEXIBLE APPLICATION】: The photovoltaic lines find extensive application in solar energy setups, allowing for increased spacing between solar panels and between solar panels and charging controllers. Solar Panel Cable are easy to weld, strip, and cut, providing flexibility in installation.

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